Richard Sue, MD. Medical College: University of Ca, San Francisco Residence:

University of Washington Fellowship: College of Ca, Los Angeles aspects of Interest: Lung cancer, interventional pulmonology, interstitial lung condition

Najma Usmani, MD

Health School: institution of Madras Residency: Nassau nation infirmary Fellowship: North Shore Universty healthcare facility Areas of Interest: sleeping Medicine, specially Narcolepsy, as well as idiopathic hypersomnia and interstitial lung condition

Ramachandra R. Sista, MD

Healthcare class: Guntur Hospital College Residency: Wayne county University class of medication Fellowship: Stanford college Medical Center and Stanford class of medication aspects of Interest: Lung and heart-lung transplantation, pulmonary vascular issues, important treatment medication

Paul T. Steinmetz, MD

Healthcare class: Indiana institution class of medication residence: college of South Florida school of Medicine Fellowship: Maricopa clinic Areas of Interest: Bioethical dilemmas in vital treatment treatments

Penis Cameron, MD

Hospital class: college of Kansas School of Medicine residence: advertising Good Samaritan clinic and Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center Fellowship: college of California, Irvine aspects of Interest: Pulmonary vital attention treatments, sleep medication

Walter Migotto, MD

Health College: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Residency: Henry Ford Medical Center Fellowship: Henry Ford Medical

Tanmay Panchabhai, MD

Health college: Maharashtra institution of wellness Sciences Residency: University of Louisville college of medication Fellowship: Cleveland center base breathing Institute

Andres Borja Alvarez, MD

Hospital Class: Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador Residency: St. Jospeh’s Medical Center and Clinic Fellowship: Mayo Center

Sara Ocheltree, MD

Health School: King Abdul-Aziz University School of Treatments and Allied Sciences Residence: UAB Huntsville Local Medical University Fellowship: Temple College Hospital

Gregory Chu, MD

Health School: Northeastern Ohio Colleges College Residency: Advertising Effective Samaritan Regional Clinic and Phoenix VA Fellowship: Advertising Suitable Samaritan Clinic and Phoenix VA

Mouhsen Alhakeem, MD

Hospital College: University of Damascus College of Medication Residence: Henry Ford Medical Facility Fellowship: Henry Ford Medical

Lilibeth Pineda, MD

Medical college: college in the Philippines Diliman Residency: SUNY wellness technology Center at Brooklyn Fellowship: institution at Buffalo, county institution payday loans & cash advance Vermont of New York

Neal Rinne, MD

Health college: college of Nebraska at Omaha residence: Southwestern Michigan location fitness studies middle Fellowship: Banner Effective Samaritan local and Veterans management medical facility

Alp Umar, MD

Hospital School: Istanbul college Residency: CCHS Huron medical Fellowship: advertising quality Samaritan and Phoenix VA Health Centers aspects of Interest: Pulmonary, crucial worry and rest drug

Tonya Whiting, DO

Health college: Midwestern University, Arizona school of Osteopathic Medicine residence: Banner Effective Samaritan local clinic and Phoenix VA Fellowship: Banner quality Samaritan local clinic and Phoenix VA

Suresh Uppalapu, MD

Healthcare class: Guntur Healthcare College Residency: Northeastern Kansas institution College of medication Fellowship: advertising Good Samaritan infirmary and VA clinic aspects of Interest: Mechanical air flow, serious ARDS, ECMO , mechanized circulatory support, asthma , HLH and pulmonary arterial high blood pressure

Aaron Thornburg, manage

Medical School: Ohio institution college or university of Osteopathic drug Residency: Riverdale Methodist Hospital Fellowship: Indian institution School of Medicine Areas of Interest: COPD, interventional pulmonology, basic pulmonary

Zahid Virk, MD

Health School: Allama Iqbal Hospital College Residency: Jamaica medical facility clinic Fellowship: Banner Effective Samaritan clinic as well as the Phoenix VA Medical Center regions of Interest: Pulmonary and critical attention, neurocritical treatment

Richard Robbins, MD

Health college: college of Nebraska clinic residence: college of Missouri Fellowship: college of Nebraska at Omaha Areas of Interest: Healthcare news media, health care shipment and administrative capabilities

Donna Longer, MD

Hospital college: Michigan county institution Residency: Cooperative healthcare facilities Fellowship: St. John’s compassion Medical Center regions of Interest: Obstetric important treatment, fraction differences in treatments, healthcare economics

Janet Maurer, MD

Health School: University of Minnesota Healthcare class residence: Emory college Fellowship: University of Ca, north park aspects of Interest: state-of-the-art lung disease and lung transplantation, COPD, IPF, pulmonary high blood pressure, high quality in drug knowledge

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